Women are sharing how much men know about reproduction.

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. After rumors spread that she was poised to overturn Wade, Sabrina Fonfeder decided to tweet something inspired in part by the news and in part by her ex-boyfriend.

“I tweet this whenever guys decide it’s time to make a decision about a woman’s body,” she told her followers, “but my ex-boyfriend thought all women menstruate.” “He was 26 at the time.”

In a follow-up tweet, Fonfeder, development executive at New York-based TV and film company Irony Point and podcast company Radio Point, described the ex-lover’s confusion.

He once heard a comedian joke: “If you know what I mean, I love his girlfriend except on the 15th or so of the month.” Fonfeder’s ex-boyfriend thought he knew what a comedian meant. All women, of course, menstruate on the 15th!

phone feather Tweets go viral, received over 19,000 retweets and 196,000 likes. It also opened the floodgates for women who want to share the story of an exe equally perplexed by the workings of a woman’s body.

“My ex thought we could start menstruating whenever we wanted.” the woman said. “He asked if I could make an appointment around his birthday once. “Someone married him and had a child,” he said.

“While I was pregnant with his child, my ex-husband believed the baby was literally in my womb and fell on top of the baby when I ate it.” Someone else wrote it.

“I dated a 23-year-old who got mad about drinking wine during menstruation.” another woman said. “I thought the period was dangerous because it was related to pregnancy. Teacher, it was the exact opposite of pregnancy now.”

Then this idiot, the same goes for aspiring doctors. “I had an ex-girlfriend who said she shouldn’t complain about her period because she’s getting pleasure from tampons. He was premedical.”

Reading Collected Tweets Seriously funny, but also seriously sad. The myriad of misconceptions men have about the female body and simple reproductive issues underscores the desperate need for comprehensive sex education in American schools.

According to the Sexuality and Information Council of the United States, only 38% of high schools and 14% of middle schools nationwide Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This includes education on healthy relationships and classes on contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.

Currently in 21 states No sex education requirements even alittle.

The fight to improve reproductive health education in schools is not getting any easier. Critics of even basic sex education are increasingly categorizing teachers offering classes as follows: “Groomer” intent to “sanctify” children in the classroom.

Parents who are concerned that their child may receive similar misinformation are encouraged to contact their child’s school to find out who oversees the health and sex education program, what is being taught, and in what grade level classes are held.

If you want to cover your own base at home, you may want to start with SIECUS (Sex Ed for Social), a group known as the Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States of the United States. Online Sex Ed Resources For kids of all ages.

Fonfeder said the need for a better sex ed is a clear takeaway from her thread. But the argument she intended was that men should not be able to legislate reproduction and parts of the human body that they did not understand.

“Scrolling 10 seconds of responses to my tweets, remember that literally anyone can run for office and you can make rules that govern your body,” she told HuffPost.

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Proponents of abortion rights march in downtown Detroit after a draft document was leaked saying they were preparing to overturn the Wade ruling.

Von Feather said it was terrifying that a man who thought his pregnant wife was holding a baby in her womb with lunch was terrifying that a man could run for office and vote on a woman’s body bill.

It is not that elected officials have not expressed similarly confused beliefs. Former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin and his infamous declaration of rape: “If it’s legal rape, the woman’s body has a way to block it all.”

Then there was the Texas state representative Dan Flynn. Abortion bans proposed by the state in 2013 ― Even though he had no idea how abortion actually works. As stated in an interview with Samantha Bee, Flynn seemed to think That an abortion provider cuts off a woman’s body. (Incorrect procedure, that’s a cesarean section.)

“Each story in a thread about someone’s dumb ex-lover is dumber than the next, but nothing in that thread is far crazier than what incumbents say,” said Fonfeder. “Madison Cawthorn is someone’s dumb ex-husband. Ted Cruz is a poor, poor woman’s stupid ex.”

In addition to providing comedic relief, Fonfeder hopes her thread will remind readers that if lawmakers intend to legislate women’s physical and reproductive health care, they should at least be able to pass. 9th grade biology class.

“Especially for men who think women can swallow cameras for gynecological exams, the thought that someone other than the woman herself could have a say in health care decisions shudders.”

“no.” Fonfeder said jokingly. that Real Congressman from Idaho.


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