Wonho Europe Tour 2022 “FACADE”: Tickets and Dates Everything You Need to Know

This time, it is time for Korean singer Wonho to reach all his fans with his own tour ‘FACADE’. Yes, Wonho planned to arrive on a tour, but this time in a foreign country. If you want to catch up with him on his tour this year. Here are all updates on his tour. So, what can we expect from Wonho’s tour?

Read in advance for Wonho’s ‘FACADE’ tour and more details.

Wonho’s FACADE Tour 2022 schedule has been released.

Wonho is scheduled to hold a FACADE tour this time. While it only happens this year. His fans can expect a lot from his tour. If that’s what excites you. Then you need to confirm the date and place. Therefore, it is expected that the Korean singer will arrive with the tour in August.

To be specific on the date, his tour will begin on the 28th of August. It continues until September 4th. Don’t miss Wonho’s FACADE tour this time. Because two of the dates are in August. The other two days will be in September.

What is special about Wonho FACADE Tour 2022?

This time, Wonho will perform live for the European audience. Among them, fans in England, Spain and Germany can have him perform live in their country. So, on August 28th, fans will have an arc at the Munich Tonhalle.

On 31 August he will perform at the Turbinehalle 2 in Oberhausen. Wonho will perform on September 2nd at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid. Finally his show ended in Indigo at O2, London. In addition, this tour supports the mini-album FACADE. I hope this tour will make his fans happier.

Ticket information and other updates for the FACADE Tour 2022

For all those looking forward to tickets to the FACADE Tour. We haven’t gotten ticket details for the tour yet. Where to buy tickets along with prices and categories will be updated soon.

Meanwhile, Wonho’s tour this year is his first solo tour in continental Europe. This tour, which makes headlines, will be his first non-Korean headliner tour.

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