Wordle enters the multiverse of madness as the player’s horse splits.

Monday started.

The New York Times removed the word ‘fetus’ from their list of answers, fearing that Wordle players are inherently more sensitive and easily triggered than the average bear. However, the technology behind Wordle hasn’t changed what all players are saying, and there are two different correct answers on Monday.

Forward spoilers.

like paper of record notes, “Some users may see outdated answers that seem closely linked to recent major news events. This is a completely unintended coincidence. Today’s original answer was loaded into Wordle last year.”

What’s noticeably missing from the description is the actual word, the fetus, but reading it or including it in a word puzzle game isn’t inherently wrong or dangerous. Of course, that statement was shattered as news spread extremely divisive about the possibility of the Supreme Court’s decision. reverse roe vs wade.

Obviously, the subject of abortion is incredibly fickle and I could barely understand the New York Times removing words like ‘abort’ from their list of answers, but it could mean something other than abortion (eg, “Abort mission!”).

Likewise, the fetus itself is not exactly controversial. They probably paid more attention to the word than if they had left it alone. And that doesn’t mean they haven’t addressed the issue of abortion. Please keep this kind of game independent of politics. But the word ‘fetus’ is not exactly political.

Tuesday caused even more confusion. Removing the ‘fetus’ and replacing it with ‘shining’ had a ripple effect on the words of the next day. The correct answer is ‘Gecko’, but many players use ‘Butch’ instead.

Wordle’s Multiverse of Madness

Wordle with correct answer is called Wordle-616 and Wordle with incorrect/outdated answer is called Wordle-838. (I’m joking Doctor Strange for those who don’t understand.)

If you want to play a game that other people are playing rather than the old Wordle-838, there is a simple fix. All you have to do is clear your browser cache or refresh the window to get it back to normal.

“If you refresh the browser window, you will not receive the outdated version. But we know some people won’t, and as a result will be asked to solve old puzzles.” times. A really simple fix!

“We are now improving Wordle’s technology so that everyone always gets the same word,” the newspaper adds.

Tomorrow we’ll see if people experience two different words. I admit I’m always a bit skeptical about big changes to things that mostly work well, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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