‘Wordle’ of the Day Word of the Day #326 Answers and hints: Wednesday, May 11th

I’m back with another topic, “What’s the Wordle answer for today?” We’ve recently come across an interesting word since the NYT skipped “fetus” for obvious reasons and was quite far off the master list of answers.

Wordle doesn’t want to stir up controversy and the words of the day shouldn’t bother anyone. Although he had heard that before he had used it in the context of a political discussion. You will see in a moment what I mean here.

About Wordle

  • If you are new to the game, read word primer Find out how this fad started before you start playing.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get a low guess answer you can read: Wordle tips and tricks guide here.

Wordle of the Day #326 Answers and Hints

Before I go any further, today I’m giving you a spoiler warning in case you don’t really want to know the Wordle answer and just want a hint. What’s that hint? They say that I should do better, but that’s true, but I’m thinking about it again today. I think you can describe a program like SNL like this, but don’t even try it, as no ‘comedy’ has five letters. And remember what I said about our current political climate.

And the answer is…


This is not a very common word, and when you hear it, it usually describes politics in some way. The official definition of burlesque is “a work of comedy drama that uses balloons and puns and generally includes crude characterization and absurdly improbable situations”. Strictly speaking, SNL is a “drama” with everything it parodys, which sets it apart from the more general comedy.

How did I get there? Another good day for CRANE. Because CRA and E were in the right place. From there, I guessed a RACHE that satisfies the criteria and I knew what a RACHE was, but the game accepted it. It seems to be ‘dog that hunts by smell’ or ‘revenge’ in German. ok then! After that, I guessed CARTE, which is CART with an E at the end. It was obviously a different word. The only thing I’ve seen is the phrase “carte blanche”, but that’s definitely not English. The game accepted it anyway. Finally, that led to the correct answer, FARCE.

So how was today? Did you get it on 2 or gave up trying?

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