‘Wordle’ of the Day Word of the Day #327 Answers and hints: Thursday, May 12

Another Thursday, another Wordle to address.

The viral word puzzle game the New York Times bought from Josh Wardle for “a low seven-figure amount” will remain lively through the first half of 2022, although there are signs the game is slowing down. Say, NYT!)

This has been an exciting week for Wordle. After they removed the word ‘fetus’ from the list of answers (because we aren’t too sensitive to reading articles on Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court, but just looking at the word in a puzzle game can put us into oblivion) ) The difference between the correct answers. Over two days, players brought in different Wordles and caused a lot of confusion.

To be honest, I think they should have left the whole list of answers (with the vague and “offensive” word) in the first place. Sometimes weird and old-fashioned words can be fun and educational. Sometimes colored words can be fun (unless you find offense in all directions and you can no longer find humor in the mess of life).

But the edit is good enough! Let’s take a look at today’s Wordle.

Word of the Day #327 Hints and Answers

Future spoilers! Spoiler alert! Don’t let those meaningless spoilers understand you!

But first a hint:

hammock [ ] between two trees.

And the answer is . . . .

I’m really curious how difficult this is for people. It took me a while to figure it out and I realized there was another possibility I could have guessed instead. suspended That would have given me 4 greens (Obsession). Meanwhile, there are actually many words. runes I could have guessed instead plunk (unless I have already received a ‘P’) or Lump Etc.

airplane It was a better guess than the truth. crane Even if Wordle Bot says otherwise. Wordle Bot also said I should have guessed Present my second guess and suspended-Actual answer – it’s about the third. No joke, Wordle bots? Wouldn’t it be better if the answer was correct? crazy!

Anyway, I wish my beloved Wordlers a wonderful Thursday! Consider following me on this blog! thank you! and you can always find me Twitter or Facebook. How are you!


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