‘Wordle’ of the Day Word of the Day #329 Answer and Hint: Saturday May 14th

The week is over and the weekend is here and yet another Wordle is here to puzzle our brains a bit. As I said yesterday, this is not too difficult.

Of course, yesterday was Friday the 13th. If you’ve arrived safely today, you’re in luck.

Wordle is definitely not as viral as this winter. This probably has to do with the disappearance of novelty and the warm days of spring and the coming summer.

That’s fine though. We will continue this guide one way or another! Today’s Words Today’s Words, shall we take a look?

Word of the Day #329 Hints and Answers

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler! spoiler! spoiler! spoiler! spoiler!

But first a hint: see the headline of my review. Northman.

And your old answer is…

I thought about it have fun Wordle Bot is always recommended, but it was a pretty good starting word. Crane, sure. As far as I can tell, it wouldn’t matter much to today’s Wordle. Both words give ‘a’ and ‘a’, neither of which is displayed in green.

flea As a second guess, ‘l’ and ‘a’ were marked green, but as Wordle Bot pointed out: slate A better choice would have been made here. I’m not a robot, so I can’t mathematically think of every option that way.

Still, despite having five options to choose from at this point, I got the right answer.metal-on my next guess. “You are a human god!” I’ve been having fun with my Wordle Bot. Or something along those lines.

Have a great weekend, Wordlers!

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