‘Wordle’ of the Day Word of the Day #330 Answers and Hints: Sunday, May 15th

Welcome back to another article in “What is Today’s Wordle Answer?” Although it may not be the best source given that I lost today (drum roll). Yes, I broke the losing streak again. What can I say? I was impatient and ignored the letter I had already guessed and the opportunity was lost. Missed one.

Don’t be like me, take your time and know it’s you Do I know what these words are, but you might endanger others with me with some pretty weird character settings for Wordle answers. But I guess most people will get it to the end, I should have been a little more patient.

About Wordle

  • If you are new to the game, read word primer Find out how this fad started before you start playing.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get a low guess answer you can read: Wordle tips and tricks guide here.

Wordle of the Day #330 Answers and Hints

As always, I will put a spoiler warning in this section. Because it would be bad if you came all the way here without wanting to know the answer for any reason. If you’re looking for a hint, I’d like to say that it might be something you’re trying to do while driving. There are so many of them that it may not be possible to narrow it down. Or you can just get it from it.

And the answer is…


Yes, it’s like a yield sign for a ride that requires you to yield to another vehicle. And of course this can be used in other contexts, such as knights yielding in duels, but in modern times it’s mostly traffic behavior.

As for my big failure, what went wrong? A lot of. I started with my usual CRANE, and knew something was wrong because I only got one letter E. And it was in the wrong place. From there, I picked a word with the rest of the letters clearly visible even without the E, and GHOST brought me here. literally nothing. Wow. From there I go back to guessing correctly based on past letters and MEDIC got at least EDI. There I did BIDES, which was a very stupid guess because I kept D in the same position and guessed S again. FIRED from there, another wrong guess when I iterated over R and put E in the same place. Then there was no way to know what it was between YIELD and WIELD and the coin flip was lost. Now start over.

I hope you have had more luck than me this week. I will return on horseback tomorrow.

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