‘Wordle’ of the Day Word of the Day #337 Answers and Hints: Sunday May 22nd

Welcome to another article that provides Wordle answers when everyone is trying to keep their own continuity or are trying to build from scratch. In fact, I would be ashamed of my colleague Erik for failing this issue, but I’m very happy with it since I got it in just four.

It’s not a difficult word, but Erik sometimes finds the word form ~ degree common and may be ~ degree There are many possible answers that will fit all the remaining characters, and if you’re lucky you’re running out of guesses. So you can be careful and adopt an alternative character removal strategy to help your odds.

About Wordle

  • If you are new to the game, please read word primer Find out how this fad started before you even start the game.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get a low guess answer you can read: Wordle tips and tricks guide here.

Wordle of the Day #337 Answers and Hints

Before I go any further, let me give you a spoiler warning for the Wordle answer. Just in case you didn’t want to know and got here by mistake. As a hint, the answer is why I spend this money. That’s all, that’s the hint.

And the answer is…


I mean, what do you think I’m doing this just for fun? internet point? no! money! I didn’t make the game and sell it to the New York Times for millions of dollars, but given the interest, it’s not bad to write about.

So, how did I win while Eric lost today? I started with CRANE as always, only N and E were in the wrong place. From there I guessed the PENTS. What is Penz? I’m guessing it’s “a sloping roof or sloping roof overhanging to protect a door that protrudes from the side of a warehouse or building with a sloping roof”. So the answer key accepted it. But I don’t think that will be the real answer. Anyway, it at least got N in the right place. From there I guessed DINED that both D and I missed, but at least N and E are finally in the right place. From there I tried MONEY, which was right, but HONEY could have guessed too. lucky day.

I hope you did well and see you next time!

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