World War II plane fatal aerial crash at Dallas Air Show, netizens react to social media

Horror footage has surfaced at the Dallas Air Show, showing historic military planes crashing into each other. Two World War II era planes collided in mid-air in Dallas on Saturday, reducing particles. Two Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses and a Bell P-63 King Cobra were involved in the tragic accident. The whole episode was captured on camera, as planes were essential to the air show. Authorities have not confirmed casualties. Instead, as reports show, at least six people were on board, and it is believed that they were undoubtedly dead. The air show became a horror show because witnesses couldn’t accept what they saw.

I just stayed there. Montoya, 27, who attended with his companions at the air show, said it was shocking and disbelief. Everyone around was excited. Everyone began to sob uncontrollably. Everyone is in shock. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said video of the crash was horrifying. According to the mayor, the National Transportation Safety Board took control of the scene, and local police and fire departments are providing assistance. All video from the airshow captures the shock and horror of the audience screaming as the Kingcobra rammed the B-17.

Dallas Airshow Crash Haunts Internet Users and Spectators

Two vintage fighters crashed at the Dallas Air Show, the FAA said. The crash occurred around 1:20 p.m. while flying over the Wings Over Dallas Air Show at Dallas Executive Airport. There was no official comment on casualties, except for an ABC producer who tweeted that six people may have been killed. FAA officials said the plan was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 King Cobra, but did not disclose the number of passengers on either aircraft. ABC News reports that the Commemorative Wing, which sponsored the show, believes five team members aboard the B-17 and one on board the P-63. There’s a video on Twitter of a B-17 hitting a smaller plane and then shooting fireballs as it hits the ground. 27-year-old onlooker Anthony Montoya said he was in complete shock and disbelief. Everyone around gasped. Everyone started to sob uncontrollably. Everyone is shocked.

In another video, a woman watching the plan in a shopping mall parking lot said, “No. “Oh no” and crashed, “Oh my god!” When she saw the fireball. Dallas attorney Christopher Kratoville tweeted, “A World War II plane crashed into Dallas Executive Airport. A tragic and horrific sight.” Along with the text, pictures of onlookers were posted along with black smoke pillars. In one video, the announcer warns onlookers to keep their phones away so first responders can pass and children may want to turn away. Dallas President Eric Johnson tweeted: “As most of you know, today during the air show in Dallas, we had a terrible misfortune. Currently, many details remain vague or unconfirmed. @NTSB took control of the accident scene with support by @DallasPD and @DallasFireRes_q. “The video is heartbreaking. Please do a favor to the souls who flew to heaven today to fellowship and teach with our families.”

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