WR Nelson Agholor didn’t focus on completing his contract: ‘I’m excited to have a great season with the Patriots and show them why I’m here’

In 15 games against New England in 2021, Agholor took 473 yards with 37 catches (the lowest total in two years) and three touchdowns.

These statistics provoke little excitement about what’s to come.

Still, Agholor doesn’t try to prove his doubters wrong, and finds little inspiration to carry the chip on his shoulder. Instead, he wants to find fun and lead to a successful campaign.

“I just think it’s best when it’s fun and fast to play,” Agholor said. “A lot of people have different ways of communicating their motivation and have a chip on their shoulders and so on. I’m a natural competitor. I like to compete. I like to play games. When games are fun , And I have fun with men, I practice hard, I practice hard I do really well So I work in a really happy place and I am very excited about the work and the growth that comes from that happy place, so my motivation is to work with this team and the players I play with. It’s about making a memorable season together and making it special.”

Looking optimistically, Agholor is entering its second season. He should gain familiarity and comfort. Likewise, quarterback Mac Jones is entering his second NFL season and has more time to build his chemistry. There is always room for improvement. At least that’s what Agholor is expecting.

“For me, familiarity with the concept comes first,” Agholor said. “We are familiar with everything we do, schedules, training, etc. And it’s more of a mundane thing. I think it’s helpful to get used to the environment and familiarize yourself with the coaching staff from the point of view of the people in this building. , strength staff, training staff. And I know the route because the root tree is unique everyone runs a certain route but the root tree is a little different from the one I ran before now I know how we work and play fast Spin your own on the way.

“So I’m just growing up, practicing, taping, and having a good time. I put my own taste in what’s taped. A year ago I was learning, so you work like a certain learning tempo. You You can’t sprint because you want to make sure you’re doing it right, so you move carefully, now you know what it looks like and you can dress it up to my taste. That’s the cool part. Year 2. You did it. has a year of tape. Now you can learn to play fast on your own.”

This time last year, the Patriots invested in Agholor’s quick play, and it didn’t pay off much in the end.

New England’s WR corps look very similar to pre-season with Jakobi Meyers, Kendrick Bourne and Agholor. However, the Pats deal to acquire DeVante Parker is likely to jeopardize Agholor’s role.

With a base salary of $9 million and a contract bonus of $5 million in 2022, Agholor has capped at $14.8 million. However, if he is released (before or after June 1) he has a dead cap number of $10 million, but Pats could save $4.88 million on the cap. It’s unlikely Agholor will be fired, but a payroll restructuring may be possible.

Whether he wants to talk about it or not, Agholor will look like he will live up to his contract numbers by producing much better numbers on the field.

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