WWE SmackDown Results: RK-Bro vs. The Usos winner-take-all tag team championship match is scheduled for next week.

Raw and SmackDown tag team titles are finally united. Usos accepted a challenge presented by RK-Bro in Friday’s WWE SmackDown episode.

Randy Orton and Riddle vs. Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso were originally scheduled for WrestleMania Backlash. A six-man tag team match featuring Drew McIntyre and undisputed world champion Roman Reigns put the victor on ice for every match. RK-Bro campaigned for a 2:2 match at Monday Night Raw, but didn’t wait for a reply. The Raw tag team champ crossed the line into the Bloodline realm to get an answer from Usos.

In the Friday episode of SmackDown, Sasha Banks and Naomi vs. Two championship matches for the women’s tag team title between Natalya and Shayna Bazler and Ronda Rousey vs. We also featured Raquel Rodriguez’s impromptu SmackDown Women’s Championship match.

CBS Sports stayed with you overnight with recaps and highlights from all matches at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Bare, Pennsylvania.

Usos accepts RK-Bro’s challenge for tag title integration.

RK-Bro started the show and asked to speak with Reigns. It was Sami Zayn in a Bloodline shirt who answered the call. Zayn has claimed to speak on behalf of Bloodline as a self-proclaimed locker room leader. Zayn insisted that no one wants to see a tag team title consolidation match. Orton agreed that Zayn was the locker room leader and insisted that Zayn book a match between Zayn and Riddle. If Riddle wins, RK-Bro will receive a tag team title unification match against Usos. Zayn agreed, but said he was immediately out of the ring and that it would take some time to sort these things out. The authoritative figure, Adam Pearce, intervened, saying he could not erase Jane from competing on behalf of the Bloodline. However, Zayn immediately takes on Riddle in a one-on-one match.

riddle def. Sami Jane Via Pinpole After crushing him with a pole-forward piledriver. The Riddler took fights with Zayn early and often, but Zayn found his moment of attack with a timely counter. Riddler was rattled with a pele kick, mid-air knee, and corkscrew Asai moonsault during the match. Zayn in particular brought in drivers Michonuku.

Sitting backstage with Reigns and Heyman, Usos expressed his displeasure with Reigns and RK-Bro for ignoring Reigns despite winning the WrestleMania Backlash.

Zayn later pleaded with Paul Heyman in the evening. Zayn claimed he was the only one defending Bloodline and defending them from Raw’s tag team champions. Heyman reassured Zayn that the “Tribal Chief” appreciated Zayn’s efforts.

At the end of the evening, Reigns claimed that he and the company had already completely knocked out the RK-Bro, leaving no one left. On the other hand, challenges await Usos. Q Orton and the Riddler, who joked pleasantly inappropriately before downplaying their pedigree. Usos accepted a challenge to SmackDown next week, insisting the trio should have six champions between them. Riddle caught Reigns with a surprise flight knee before immediately leaving the ring with Orton.

Fantastic episode from start to finish of SmackDown. It was very unfortunate that WWE postponed the tag team title unification match. However, the company quickly resolved the matter by scheduling a match for next week. RK-Bro and The Usos, with added bonuses to Reigns and Heyman, performed well. Orton continues to offer the best microphone work of his career. He parodied Reigns’ vicious ex-catchphrase “Believe that”, measured Reigns to John Cena, and made an inappropriate joke fit for WWE’s Attitude era. Zayn’s supporting role in this competition is also refreshing. WWE Superstars often spend months without crossing the street, despite being in the same building every week. Bloodline’s alliance with Zayn is an important part of building the world connecting SmackDown’s superstars. Riddle and Zayn have also seen RK-Bro vs. It’s been a solid match that takes us away from the Usos mix and match. Class A

What else happened in WWE SmackDown?

  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey © def. Raquel Rodriguez via Pinpole After rolling Rodriguez into small packages. Rodriguez dominated most of the game with her power moves and strength advantage. They shook hands later. Rodriguez responded to the Championship Open Challenge proposed by Rousey.
  • Shotzi asked Pearce to play.. Aliyah intervened and both were arguing over who deserved to compete.
  • Happy Corbyn squeezed Mad Cap Moss’s neck with a steel chair. Andre Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy. Corbyn laughed as the doctors treated Moss. he stretched
  • Women’s Tag Team Winner: Boss and Glow (Sasha Banks and Naomi) def. Natayla and Shayna Bazler via pinpole After Naomi counters Natalia’s sniper with a cradle. Banks and Naomi successfully defended the women’s tag team title.
  • Gunther attacked Drew Gulak from behind the scenes. After Intercontinental Champion Ricochet speaks words of encouragement to Gulak.
  • Butch Def. Kofi Kingston Via Pinpole After landing the beater end. Sheamus attacked Xavier Woods to distract Kingston and set the finish.

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