XQC Net Worth

Félix Lengyel, also known as xQc, is a Canadian YouTuber, Twitch streamer and internet celebrity who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. He started out as a professional Overwatch player for the Dallas Fuel in the 2018 Overwatch League and has represented Team Canada in three OW World Cups (2017–19).

He started streaming on Twitch in 2014, but not so often until 2019, then on Youtube in 2015. xQc’s rather unique personality draws him to many fans. He has been entangled in several issues during his career, including being banned from the Twitch platform 5 times so far.

XQC Net Worth

As of 2022, xQc’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million. He is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, currently ranked #3. XQc is said to have made $8 million from Twitch payouts alone between 2019 and 2021. However, this amount excludes sponsorships, merchandise and revenue generated from other online platforms such as YouTube.

From all sources, xQc’s estimated monthly earnings are $700,000, including brand deals, Twitch subscriptions and advertising revenue. He earns about $300,000 per month directly on Twitch, while making more than $5,000-$10,000 per month from brand deals.

name XQC
Net Worth 2022 $10 million
job YouTuber, social media personality
country Canada
bear November 12, 1995
salary $2 million (annual)
last update 2022

early life

Felix Lengyel was born on November 12, 1995 in Quebec, Canada and raised in the city of Laval, Montreal. Felix actually started streaming before entering the esports arena. He was streaming League of Legends at the age of 19 with an xQcLoL handle.

His nickname is a mixture of the last letter of his personal name, x, and the abbreviation for Quebec, QC, where he was born. When Overwatch aired, he played more Overwatch streaming. His current nickname, xQcOW, has Overwatch initials for OW.

esports career

xQc started his Overwatch esports career as a tank for small teams like DatZit Gaming in low-level online tournaments. In 2016, he signed with Denial Esports, a multi-game esports organization.

When the Canadian team took part in the 2017 World Cup, xQc was part of the squad and was voted the most valuable player in the tournament. In his first OWL season, he also competed for Dallas Fuel, but was suspended several times before and during that time. He joined a number of teams, unsure of his desire to continue playing the sport.

XQC net worth and income


Since 2014, he has competed professionally, streaming from time to time. However, he focused more on his Twitch career after Dallas Fuel fired him in 2018. In 2019, he signed a contract with esports organization Sentinels as a content creator.

xQc played a total of 365 different games in 2019, which is an average of 1 new game per day. He plays games ranging from well-known games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to lesser-known games like Moshpit Simulator and Babysitter Bloodbath, but mainly streams Overwatch, Minecraft, and Just Chatting content.

In 2020, I challenged chess with Hikaru Nakamura, a master of chess, as my tutor. He took part in the PogChamps competition but lost to Cr1TiKaL in six moves, a symbolic defeat.

Despite this and his numerous platform bans, he has nevertheless developed a sizable following. By mid 2021, he had 163 million hours of watch time, the most of any streamer. Currently, the xQcOW channel on YouTube has 2.01 million subscribers and 10.4 million followers.

According to xQc’s Twitch page (ROG), he currently has brand relationships with GFuel and ASUS Republic of Gamers.

Banned from Overwatch League

In 2017, xQc abused the in-game reporting system and was banned for the first time for 72 hours and for the second time with a 7-day penalty for “Blizzard” misbehavior. After the ‘Stage 1’ defeat by the ‘Dallas Fuel’, the ‘Overwatch League’ imposed a four-game suspension and a $2,000 fine on xQc for homophobic remarks directed at ‘outlaw player Muma’.

In 2018, xQc received a 4 game penalty and fine for making racist remarks to players while using the Twitch emoji “TriHard 7” in an official “Overwatch League” stream. He was able to watch the stream, but was later punished for his actions. His 15-day suspension was overturned in line with Canada’s “Overwatch World Cup” campaign.

He was banned once more in 2018 for repeatedly using vulgar language in chats. He got a three-day suspension in 2020 for exposing his girlfriend’s breasts in a Strip 4: Classmate Study. By default, the game censors all nudity. After entering the uncensored code into the game, the female character’s breasts were displayed.

In 2020, following a Twitch Rivals match in which he and his squad broadcast shot an opposing team in the Fall Guys, he was again banned for seven days.

personal life

xQc previously had a serious relationship with fellow streamer Adept. They announced the breakup to the world, but rumors are circulating that they will be reconciled.


XQC’s net worth is $10 million. Depending on your advertising performance, your annual YouTube revenue can reach $1.4 million. He was the most popular streamer in 2020 and 2021. He has been repeatedly temporarily banned from the Twitch platform.

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