YC’s letter to founders, Apple’s folding device and DOJ’s new stance on hackers

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that much whacker The most people read this week were the details of a note from Y Combinator to the portfolio founders.

As the market continues to decline, YC has told portfolio founders it’s time to cut costs, expand the runway and reach “basic survival” status. As YC writes, “Ask about the general fundraising environment for people who have started a company within the last five years.”

Manish has a total of 10 emails here.

other things

What happened besides worse news for the market?

Apple testing foldables?: Is Apple fiddling with the idea of ​​a foldable phone and/or tablet? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is testing E-Ink displays for secondary displays in an as yet unseen “future foldable”. But, as Brian points out, “there is a big difference between testing and releasing.” That said, don’t be too surprised if this doesn’t see the light.

NHTSA investigates Tesla crash: Earlier this month, a Tesla Model S hit a curb and hit construction equipment, killing three people. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating the accident to determine if Tesla’s Autopilot system may have been involved.

DOJ says it will no longer prosecute well-meaning hackers. Way, way, too long after the U.S. Department of Justice is reassessing how it views hacking incidents, for the first time blatantly stating that under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, “security studies in good faith shall not be charged.” .

New bottle caps from Haje on Coke: “when [Coke] Haje writes, “I’m sorry, it just boils blood.” Haje says:

PayPal Ventures graduates launch new fund. Months after breaking up with PayPal Ventures, the three alumni raised their own huge new fund. focus? We support Fintech, and “start-ups addressing the ‘biggest hurdles’ of today’s financial infrastructure: accessibility, utility, flexibility and cost.”

added things

There is a paid section of the site called TechCrunch+. It costs a few dollars a month and is full of very good stuff! Starting this week, for example:

Solo or co-founder?: You start a company. Are you doing it alone or are you looking for a co-founder? It’s a question I hear almost every time I’m on a panel with a VC or founder. In this post, Russ Heddleston, co-founder of DocSend (acquired by Dropbox in 2021) shares his thoughts.

Are startup layoffs accelerating?: It seems like we hear new layoffs every day. How fast are startup layoffs accelerating? Alex Wilhelm explains the data in detail.

Addressing the world’s lithium shortage: Lithium-ion batteries, as the name suggests, require lithium. But “today’s lithium mines cannot meet the skyrocketing demand,” says Tim De Chant. So where are we going to get it in the future? Tim looks at some potential solutions.

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