Yeezy Slides vs Adidas Adilette 22 Side-by-Side Comparison as Kanye Calls Adidas for “Copy”

It looks like Kanye West is once again dissatisfied with Adidas.

Multiple hyphens ran to Instagram today to accuse the Three Stripes. He posted a long message without punctuation alleging that the business had plagiarized his work. Kanye West includes a photo of Adidas Adilette 22, calling her “fake Yeezy,” and has asked Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted to meet her.

“This is you who travels the same distance as Kobe. Maybe I am feeling the Mamba spirit right now.” “I will no longer support your blatant imitation, Casper,” West said on Instagram. “For all sneaker lovers” to all ball players, rappers, and even store associates: This is for anyone who wants to express themselves but is afraid to express themselves for fear of losing their job or being branded crazy. Courage is not afraid. It is about conquering your fears and defending your truth. This Ye with blue paint on my face.”

Review of Adidas Adilette 22 and Yeezy Slides

When Kanye first presented the Yeezy collection in 2015, he collaborated with Adidas.

The rapper, meanwhile, appears to have a problem with the Adilet 22 sandal, which was released earlier this month.

The Yeezy and Adilette slides are slip-on sandals in earthy rubber with an outsole in the front. Unlike Easy Slide, which has a large mass, Adilet is characterized by a smooth surface and slim body.

The Adilette slide was $55 and sold out immediately when it released in May, but the Yeezy slide is more expensive on the online buying site, and the cheapest adult slide on is $82.

Slides are compared by a fan

Fans are expressing their regret for Adidas’ “imitation” of Yeezy’s style in response to rapper Yeezy’s remarks. Many people on Twitter drew similarities between the two.

“Am I the only one who thinks that Adidas slides don’t look like Yeezy slides?” One person tweeted.

“The friend is complaining that the easy maker Adidas stole his slides. But the slides don’t look like Yeezys,” another wrote.

One fan said in the comment above, “The role of threatening to leave Adidas is a comedy.

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