You know the ball is dirty when you hit the hitter with the ball

There is no shame in strikeouts. All batters strike out. There’s no shame in being foolish while striking out with the dirty pitching we see on a daily basis. And no shame. No shame! — Sniffing on pitches that are too unpleasant will hit you while striking out.

Why do we raise this? Well, at Angel Stadium on Wednesday night, Halos relief pitcher Jimmy Herget Human glitch by @pitchingninja — Mejía dropped a curveball on Rays’ Francisco Mejía, which was clearly unexpected.

Entering all night with a .344 batting average in 11 games this season, Mejía didn’t even come close to hitting the ball with his bat, and the ball dropped him in the hip. It was the first of Herget’s perfect seventh inning, which also struck out one other batter in the inning.


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