Young Oilers fan Stelter shares ‘Play La Bamba’ message in Las Vegas

The biggest Edmonton Oilers fan shared the message “Play La Bamba!” after Game 7 victory in Round 1 of the Western Conference on Saturday.

5-year-old Ben Stelter is being treated for glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. popular with fans After the team visit in March, a special video was recorded after the Oilers defeated the Los Angeles Kings 2-0.

Tweet by @m_dan25: Ben and his friend @BarkAndreFurry from Las Vegas play La Bamba baby!!!!! @EdmontonOilers We are on our way home for round 2!!!!!

Ben’s father, Mike Stelter, shared a video of Ben enthusiastically chanting “La Bamba”, a 1950s Ritchie Valens hit in Las Vegas. It was a favorite of Joey Moss, a longtime Oilers locker room attendant who was born with Down syndrome. died at 57 October 2020.

This season, “La Bamba” continued to play every time the Oilers win, Stelter rose to fame on the internet and even made his own. Trading cards made by Upper Deck.

Mike Stelter made sure everyone was back in Edmonton for Round 2 of the Western Conference.


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