YouTube Music now suggests your favorite speakers for playback.

Now we want to suggest Cast-enabled speakers to stream music from YouTube Music. This is a nice upgrade over the previous approach, where the app only needs to list all Cast-enabled devices on the network in alphabetical order. If you’re like us, that could mean you’ll have to dig through a list of six speakers, even if you only have one that you use regularly.

now, Chrome Unboxed found When you try to cast from the YouTube Music app, you’ll see a new menu with ‘Recommended’ devices highlighted above a standard alphabetical list. Google spokesperson Paul Pennington confirmed the new feature in the following email: The VergeThey said the suggestions are based on usage, history and device type.

The YouTube Music-only feature has now been rolled out to all users of the iOS and Android apps. You must be a YouTube Music subscriber to transfer music from the app to an external device, unless you have uploaded music yourself.

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