YouTube Premium’s family plan is more expensive. Check the price.

YouTube Premium has increased the price of the family plan and is now in effect.

Here’s everything you need to know.

YouTube Premium Raises Family Plan Prices Before Thanksgiving

Today YouTube sent out an email to subscribers informing them that the family plan has increased from $17.99 per month to $22.99 per month.

If you don’t know, the family plan allows you to use the same subscription on almost 6 accounts.

Two individuals also went to Reddit to share screenshots of emails they received from the streaming service.

The email also outlines the price increase and mentions that it applies to current subscribers in the next billing cycle. However, recent subscribers will be charged the new price immediately.

Meanwhile, the email states, ‘With YouTube Premium, you can get closer to your favorite videos, creators and music artists by providing an uninterrupted YouTube experience.’

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Continuing ‘to continue providing great services and features, we are increasing the price of the Premium Family Plan from $17.99/mo to $22.99/mo.’

The message reads ‘This change will take effect for the next billing cycle starting on or after November 21, 2022.’

Also, go to ‘Settings > Purchases & Memberships page to check your account status and billing information. All members can suspend or cancel at any time here.’

A YouTube representative has confirmed the price increase for the family plan.

YouTube spokeswoman Marni Greenberg recently issued a statement about the family plan price increase.

‘We don’t take these decisions lightly, and we’re realizing how difficult this is for our members,’ she said.

She continued, ‘This new price reflects the full value of YouTube Premium and will allow us to develop more Premium features and allow members to continue supporting the creators and artists they see and hear on YouTube.’

In addition, the price change is already in effect in some regions, including:

  • US: $17.99 -> $22.99
  • Canada: CA$17.99 -> CA$22.99
  • UK: £17.99 -> £19.99
  • Argentina: Individual Plan ARS 119 -> ARS 389, Family Plan ARS 179 -> ARS 699
  • Turkey (individual plan): 16.99 TRY -> 29.99 TRY
  • Japan: 1,780 yen -> 2,280 yen

The price increase for the video streaming platform also comes days after YouTube Premium subscribers canceled a test that required them to watch video in 4K resolution. It aroused anger among users.


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