YouTube videos from the Wendy Williams Show are no longer accessible. fans’ reaction

The famous ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was canceled after season 13, and the final episode aired on June 17th as celebrity host Wendy Williams recently struggled with several health problems. The most recent setback was the deletion of the show’s YouTube account, which devastated viewers. And if that wasn’t enough, the official website of Wendy Williams Productions was also removed from the Internet.

Twitter Reaction After Cancellation of Wendy Williams Show

When rumors spread that the show’s YouTube channel had been shut down, social media users flooded Twitter. Many have expressed their disappointment by comparing the action to “burning a book” and describing it as “bitter.” Hundreds of hours of video from the “The Wendy Williams ShowYouTube” channel are no longer available. Simply put, “The Wendy Williams Show” doesn’t exist online anymore.

Is The Wendy Williams Show’s YouTube channel currently active?

The YouTube channel “The Wendy Williams Show” was removed two weeks after the show was canceled. Due to Williams’ health problems, season 13 of the weekly talk show was mostly aired without a host. Wendy Williams turned down an invitation for her to record a farewell message for her audience. According to a source she spoke to Sun, she would have aired in the last episode. Insiders also said that Williams was asked to appear on her last show to say goodbye to her fans, but she turned it down. An insider explained that the show’s attempt to put her 57-year-old on stage for the last time failed because she wasn’t doing it live and asked Wendy to pre-record it. The source said she “still said no.” “She still can’t accept what happened. She doesn’t like it.”

Did the Wendy Williams Show Provide Justification for Closing Your YouTube Channel?

One angry fan said, “They are trying to wipe out Wendy Williams’ history right before our eyes. They know that the last remnant of her venerable talk show is her YouTube account. She has no reason to delete the channel. In the same vein, the other said, “What?!?! Doing this is like burning a book because her essence is so important to popular culture.” One enthusiast wrote, “The library of Alexandria of our time is on fire.”



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