YouTuber Coyote Peterson’s “primate skull” claim raises suspicion among scientists.

YouTuber Coyote Peterson made headlines on social media after claiming he had discovered a ‘primate skull’ in British Columbia.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Coyote Peterson claims to have found ‘primate skull’

A recent Instagram post from Coyote Peterson is rumored to have found a large primate skull.

The 40-year-old YouTuber shared a series of images on his Instagram account on Thursday, July 7.

The photo consists of a huge skull that appears to be submerged in dirt and mud.

A few photos show Peterson retrieving a suspected skull from the mud.

He outlined the post with the caption ‘Breaking News’.

An Internet figure added that he had ‘discovered a large primate skull in British Columbia’.

He also noted that he ‘kept this secret for several weeks’ because he did not want government officials to ‘try to stop our footage’ of the excavation.

The post read, ‘I’m sure these photos will be deleted… Perhaps like a video made by government or state park officials… But the skull is safe.’

‘Absolutely unrealistic… we thought it was a bear skull when we found it, but we can 100% guarantee it isn’t. The skull was apparently found partially buried underground in a deep back forest valley after a massive storm in the Pac Northwest, where many trees and dirt were disturbed.’

He told his followers, ‘I don’t know if that’s what all of you are thinking… What do you believe?’

Peterson also revealed that he will be releasing the same episode from Animal Planet’s Brave Wilderness this weekend.

Scientists respond to Coyote Peterson’s claims.

Several scientists have questioned the reliability of Coyote Peterson’s alleged findings. They also hinted that the YouTuber’s actions may have crossed several ethical and legal lines.

“Peterson’s allegations are highly questionable and it may be illegal to secretly collect and transport animal remains across borders,” experts said in a report from Live Science.

Fossils from 50 countries: Wang Yinan, author of a guidebook for aspiring paleontologists, noted that the skull resembles a gorilla skull sold on AliExpress.

He also shared side-by-side comparisons of AliExpress products and images posted by Peterson.

Wang tweeted, “Looking at the picture, it’s not a Bone Clones gorilla skull. But this is very close to this one on aliexpress found by @offshoreoddity, but with this strange bone on the side of the skull.’



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