YouTuber Tasha K ordered to pay $4 million in defamation lawsuit against Cardi B

Judge William Ray ruled on Thursday, October 13, that gossip blogger Tasha K must pay Cardi B $4 million quickly in a defamation lawsuit. In an opportunity she couldn’t afford, Tasha K was asked to secure finances to cover her all. Cardi B sued Tasha K for obscene videos posted on the web about the Bronx rapper in 2019. Cardi’s lawyer argued that Tasha K’s goals were filled with ‘malicious campaigns’ that undermined the rapper’s reputation. Cardi B’s legal representative warned the Atlanta blogger to delete her own videos of her several times, but she didn’t go.

After losing an attorney, Tasha K appears to be trying to appeal the decision. According to the media, Judge Ray said she would consider her as her prelude if she was able to fulfill a replacement bond covering her full amount. The common law function is a type of guarantee required by the courts of appellants who wish to defer payment of the judgment until the appeal has been completed. On the other hand, if Tasha K’s appeal is dismissed, the secured bonds will naturally be overturned by Cardi B.

Tasha K ordered an immediate payment of $4 million to Cardi B in a defamation suit.

The judge in Cardi B’s defamation case ordered YouTuber Tasha K to immediately spit out the $4 million he owed rapper Cardi B. Tasha K is currently pursuing an appeal against Cardi B after a judge ruled in January that the gossip blogger had defamed Cardi B. On Thursday, Billboard reported that Judge William Ray had ordered Tasha K to pay Cardi a seven-digit price. Payments are made before the appeal of the judgment is completed. Another option for Tasha is to take the full deposit. The YouTuber is hoping to defer the payment while the lawsuit goes through the appeals process. Still, it could happen if she could get a bond for her full amount, Judge Ray says. She said that if she loses her appeal the money will be sent to her Cardi B.

The New York Bronx rapper first sued the gossip blogger in 2019 after a journalist wrote a blog post in 2018 accusing Cardi B of being a prostitute. The case was recently discovered in federal court in Georgia, and CardiB won in January. Tasha K criticized the verdict as being “extremely partial” after it was reported. For a really long time after the decision, Tasha K refused to delete the defamatory posts that caused her problems, and even threatened jail time. She appealed the verdict last month, and Cardi B’s lawyers followed up by demanding a deposit out of concern that Tasha K could withhold her payment. Cardi B’s attorney Lisa F. Moore said in her Friday statement that this is more than a hypothetical concern about the situation. During the prosecution’s investigation, the YouTuber publicly boasted that he had done anything to protect himself at trial. Also, recently online reports have emerged that a gossip blogger has moved from Georgia to escape the verdict.

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