YouTubers Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcarcel commented on a security video in which Feria pushes Valcarcel.

Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcarcel released a joint video statement in response to a security video showing a YouTuber shoving his wife.

In the video, Peria is seen brutally shoving her wife to the floor in front of her daughter. Balkarcel was sent back a few feet from the impact of the push, causing a dramatic fall to the ground.

The two explained that the tape was old and grew from the event in a 15-minute video shared on Feria’s Instagram account.

All about Carlos Feria and his talent for content creation

Carlos Feria is a 25-year-old content creator from Colombia, South America. On November 2, 1997, Influencer was born into a Christian family. He attended an international school in Colombia for high school and eventually graduated from Columbia University.

Since my parents bought me a camera when I was a teenager, YouTubers wanted to make vlogs and videos, but I started making internet content in 2015. Lifestyle vlogs, reaction, dance and humor videos are among his suggestions.

Influencers are known for dyeing their hair in a variety of colors, from platinum blonde to brilliant blue.

His mother, Stella Guzma, is an Instagram influencer with over 52,000 followers. According to her story, Karen Feria and Natalie Feria are Feria’s sisters. She often shares photos and dance videos of her children on social media.

On the other hand, her Instagram account is small compared to her son, who has 7 million followers.

Celebrity Adriana Balkarcel, who has over 4 million Instagram followers, is Feria’s wife. The two apparently started dating in early 2018 and were engaged in October 2021, just days before daughter Salome Feria Valcarcel was born on November 28, 2021. They will be married in June 2022.

With over 32 million and 3 million followers on TikTok and YouTube respectively, Feria has a significant number of followers. According to, Carlos Feria’s net worth is estimated at $4-5 million.

Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcarcel made a movie that explains it all.

After the surveillance tapes aired to millions of people, Feria received much criticism. As a result, the creators decided to make an Instagram video about the experience. Valcarcel is supportive of her spouse and has expressed her own thoughts on the matter.

Carlos Feria captioned the video (originally in Spanish):

“I apologize to all the women who saw the video. There is no excuse to justify this action. I want to make it clear that it is not a marketing issue, and once again I apologize, and I do not say anything that is not true and I am telling the truth.”

Valcarcel also added two cents for the incident and its aftermath. “He (Feria) understands that it was a mistake… ” she explained. I insisted that the moment a man touches me, he loses me forever. But he (Peria) asked forgiveness in his heart, and I saw the hand of God at work.”

However, many fans, unconvinced by the video, wanted Valcarcel to make a statement for herself. After that, the influencer went to her Instagram profile to express her devotion to her husband and her faith in God.

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