Yung Gravy’s private leaked tapes are taking over the internet.

A video of rapper Yung Gravy having an intimate relationship with a woman went viral after leaked online.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Yung Gravy’s scandalous video has taken over Twitter.

Yung Gravy came under fire after a Twitter user shared a scandalous video featuring him on safeword on July 16, 2022.

The clip also showed the rapper engaging in intimate activities with a woman. Nevertheless, the video quickly spread across social media platforms.

Unknown user bartholomew0794 uploaded a video of Gravy to the handle. Their followers are increasing dramatically after the scandal. His popular tweets have nearly 6400 likes, 951 shares, and 627 replies.

Fans split over Yung Gravy’s video

After the incident, Twitter users appear to be divided over their position on Young Gravy’s scandalous video.

Several users have come forward to defend the 26-year-old rapper, claiming that the video leak was a ‘clear invasion of privacy’.

One fan said, ‘The whole situation of the Young Gravy tape is very strange… It is clear that this is not an agreement, it seems upset, and it is clearly an invasion of privacy?? The Internet’s obsession with invading people and revealing their lives is wild.’

Another said, ‘Whoever spreads Young Gravy’s tape is an asshole. No, it’s a very private matter and inexcusable is not “fun”. I feel really sorry for Gravy.’

Yung Gravy responds to leaked video

If you’re wondering whether Yung Gravy has been informed about the video leak, his latest message suggests he’s aware of the situation.

The Minnesota rapper calmly expressed his feelings through TikTok and Instagram Stories.

Moreover, Gravy said to his 5.4 million followers, ‘Yeah, I saw it. That’s the way she goes, baby.’

He also liked the tweets where users call people who are distributing videos without their permission.

Meanwhile, Gravy is not the first celebrity whose personal tape has been leaked. In 2014, A-list stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton were victims of the iCloud hacking scandal.

Nude photos of celebrities were circulated on the Internet, causing anger among victims.

Seven years later, Lawrence said he was still experiencing the aftermath of the incident. ‘The trauma will be there forever,’ she added.



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