Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave the most passionate and epic speech he has seen since winning the AC Milan title.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic After giving a passionate speech, the table was turned over. AC Milan Teammates in the aftermath of Serie A championship.

This is Ibrahimovic’s 12th league championship in his career and probably the sweetest considering his triumphant return in 2020.

The 40-year-old gave a speech in the San Siro dressing room after the match, and the crowd clinged to his words.

He joked amid speculation that he would be leaving this summer.

Ibrahimovic went on to say: “Guys, from the first day I arrived, after the others arrived – few believed us. But we understood that we had to sacrifice, suffer, believe and work. When this happened we were one became a group of

“And you can achieve what we achieved when you are a group. Now we are the champions of Italy. First of all I want to thank all the players.

“I am now speaking on behalf of the whole team. I also want to thank (Technical Manager) Paolo (Maldini), (Soccer Manager) Ricky (Massara) and (CEO) Ivan (Gazidis). We had a real group.”

Milan have been considered sleeping giants for the past decade and last season they secured a place in the Champions League for the first time in six years.

However, no one expected this campaign to win the title, and Ibrahimovic himself commented on it.

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The former Swedish national team added: “At the beginning of the campaign no one believed us, but these principles made us stronger.

“I am very proud of all of you. Now please do me a favor. Congrats like a champion because it is not Milan that belongs to AC Milan. Italy belongs to AC Milan!”

Ibrahimovic overturned the table as his teammates started singing and dancing.

He celebrated the 32nd trophy of his career with champagne in his hand and a cigar in his mouth.

You can’t teach such a cool thing, can you?

Ibrahimovic’s career is coming to an end and he has been limited to 12 league starts this year, with Rafael Leo and Olivier Giroud scoring.

The impact his character had on the young Milan team is undeniable.


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